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Firefly’s Slow Motion Photo Booth Rentals 

 Capture…every…single…moment with a slow motion photo booth. Our super slow motion photo booth set up allows guests to squeeze a ton of fun out of a few seconds in the booth.  

Firefly Slow Motion Photo Booth 

Firefly Booth uses the best gear which results in HD resolution clips and the shortest wait times for your guests. Firefly films the action at 240 frames per second and then our team delivers the fun on HD TV’s or projectors for guests to see.  Guests can also email their clips or we can even edit a highlight video with licensed music for you to enjoy post event!  

Firefly’s Slow Motion Photo Booth

With the right props and a little inspiration from our team your guests will create an epic event moment!    

Slow Motion Photo Booth FAQ’s


How much room does the slow motion booth need?

A 10ft x 10ft space or larger is best for this type of booth. Since guests like to move around and we need a little more room for the screen.

Will my guests use the Slow motion photo booth?

The great thing about the slow motion booth is that even the most shy guests will be drawn to watch the action on the playback screen. Eventually they become seduced by its silly appeal and end up joining in the fun. We have had guest from 9 to  over 90 years of ages erupt from laughter while in the Firefly slow motion booth. 

How is the video shared?

We share the video via a link through email or we can create a highlight video post event for you to share with guests later.  .