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A mosaic art piece that
your guests help create

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The Firefly Brandsaic is a mosaic art piece that your guests help create. It was designed to be an event marketing tool that is super interactive and draws guests towards a brand.. The photo mosaic wall can be created digitally or become a physical piece of art made from event photos captured in real-time. As your guests, the photo booth or photographers take pictures at the event, our system uses a unique algorithm to sort, filter and combine them into a larger image.. This larger image is a HUGE mosaic that reflects your brand and corporate culture. A digital version can then be shared on a TV screen, projected onto buildings, OR guest can print each image in live time. This will allow event guests to become a part of the creative process by attaching their photo to a wall. This results in a hands on brand experience that creates art with your brand at the center of the action. Create a masterpiece with Firefly’s photo booth mosaic Brandsaic!


  • 4x4 Standard Mosaic Board - Custom sized board
  • Digital Mosaic output for screen viewing
    Social Media hashtag photo generation
  • "Text a photo to" option available - lead generation
  • Roamer/Curve Tower/Curve Pro available for interaction