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Firefly 360 and 180 Photo Booth Rentals 

 Capture the fun from all the angles with the Firefly Booth REVO 360 photo booth, Camera Array 180 / 360 and the Firefly SLIDE 180 Photo Booth!

Firefly Photo Booth multi camera array

offered in a 180 AND 360 solution

Guests are perfectly centered with several DSLR camera around them.  Firefly captures multiple angles instantaneously, freezing the action in time. This creates a bullet time effect photo booth experience like no other. Add logos and unique graphics or immerse guests in a custom set  or a green screen environment and blow guests away with a unique experience. 

Firefly REVO 360 Booth

The REVO features a platform for event guests to perform! A single pro level camera captures video clips while it travels completely around the guest. Afterwards we share the memory digitally  and can even create a highlight video.   

Firefly Photo Booth 180 Slide Booth

Motion creates emotion! The Firefly 180 Slide travels around guests to create a unique effect. The end result is an amazing boomerang GIF that moves with subject OR mimics the bullet time effect if the guest remains still.    

GIF Photo Booth FAQ’s

What is a GIF?

A GIF, or graphic interchange format, is basically a series of images placed together to make a short, soundless video clip that plays on repeat. Firefly Photo Booth uses this technology to create amazing guest experiences.

Will my guests use the GIF Photo Booth?

It will be a hit for sure! With a little instruction from our staff the first group your guests will make their GIF in less than a minute. Once the rest of the guests see the fun or the GIF that group one shares digitally..it will be on like Donkey Kong!

What is a Boomerang GIF?

A Boomerang GIF captures 8-20 images very quickly, combines them, then plays them forward and backwards on a repeating loop.

What is a standard GIF?

A standard GIF is 3-4 photos captured individually and  combined to make an animation.

How can my guests share the GIF from the photo booth? 

After guests create a GIF, they can choose whether to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Guests can also send it to their phone via SMS or email it so it can be downloaded later. Firefly will also put them all  in an on-line gallery and send you a link, so guests can view the GIF’s from the event and download them.

Can the GIF be customized?  

Yes! Our graphics team can customize it with names, logos, hashtags, borders and overlays.